Ginger Food Specialty Company


DALSAEANG is a premium ginger brand that combines ‘SWEET’ and ‘SAEANG’ the old word of Ginger.

DALSAEANG is a ginger food company that produces ginger chips, ginger jelly, and ginger juice so that anyone can enjoy ginger healthy and easy.

Dalsaeang Check Point
  • Made with
    Bongdong Ginger
    Bongdong Ginger,
    whose roots are large,
    lacks fiber is high in glucose,
    has a low spicy taste,
    and has a lot of fragrances.
  • Various package
    More choices with a variety
    of customization!
    Various configurations are
    possible according to the number,
    which is good as a gift
  • Reliable
    No coloring,
    no preservatives,
    100% of Korean ingredients,
    reliable and safe to eat

Made with
Bongdong Ginger

Since ancient times, Bongdong Ginger is a special product that has been known to the king because of its large roots, no fiber, a thick fragrance, fleshiness and less spicy taste. Bongdong is known as the best place for growing ginger because it has a long history and good soil quality compared to other regions. The meat is light, plump, and has good meat, so it has high shelf life and excellent taste.

Ginger, why eat?

In the Joseon Dynasty, the King Yeongjo used to have ginger tea before meals to help digestion, and Confucius in China used to eat ginger to warm the body at every meal.
It is said that ginger have been prescribed 70% of herbal medicine at Donguibogam(Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine.
and it is written that ginger prevents all kinds of diseases in Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica).